Keyless Door Access

Are you tired of changing your locks every time you part ways with an employee? Would you like to better manage all the doors in your facility? Then a Keyless Door Access system from Hicom Inc needs to be your next investment. Accessing any door in your facility can be done easily and quickly by simply swiping a card or entering a numeric code. Concerned your employees might lose their card or give it to a friend? Take advantage of new enhancements in the keyless market by applying biometrics to your system. Biometrics allows you to manage who enters your facility by finger print recognition technology.

Entry/Exit times can be programmed on a per user basis. Maybe the cleaning lady only comes on Tuesday evenings. Her card will only open the door on Tuesday evenings. Maybe the warehouse supervisor shows up 2 hours early on Friday’s to inventory the week’s orders. Then his card will only let him in early each Friday. Keyless systems from Hicom Inc can be fine tuned to your environment so the system will not just be any keyless system, it will be YOUR keyless system! CALL HICOM today for a free estimate on the keyless door system that will best fit you.